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YMCA in the Czech Republic

For leisure, socializing and developing your body, mind and spirit.

Why join YMCA?

Time well spent

YMCA is all about meaningfully spent time. A variety of activities for everyone to choose from and encouragement to further your personal development.

Safe space

We offer an open and friendly environment. We know where we stand in terms of our values while creating a space for dialogue, strengthening interpersonal relationships and mutual tolerance.


We want to be a space where everyone feels accepted. Everyone can find their place among YMCAers, meet new friends and become part of the global YMCA community.


We encourage and develop the personal initiative, activity and ideas of our members, children and the youth. YMCA is an opportunity to implement your own activities and ideas.

Practical skill development

Young people learn with us how not to get lost in adulthood. Among the many practical skills, they learn how to lead others, organize joint events or further their education.


We inspire each other and create a stimulating and nurturing environment. We emphasize learning, sharing and fostering creativity.

space for You

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