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Our activities are diverse. Each branch has a different range of programs, tailored to the location and capabilities of our wonderful volunteers. Our core areas of work include:

Clubs and hobby groups

A wide variety of clubs, hobby groups and teams that meet regularly and have a sporting, creative, musical, educational or other focus.

Summer camps

Traditional as well as specialized, nature-based and city day camps, for small and large groups, for YMCA members and the public, always with an excellent group of leaders.

Low-threshold clubs

A space for children and young people who do not want to spend their free time aimlessly in the streets. They include registered social services and informal leisure clubs.

Family centers and programs for families

Centers for parents to meet and entertain their children. Creative and educational programs as well as the opportunity to just play in the playroom. Programs for restoring and strengthening
relationships in marriage and family.

YMCA scouting

Outdoor adventures on hikes, camps and regular meetings. Being outdoors helps you gain unique experiences, allows you to overcome yourself and get to know yourself better.

Ten Sing

A musical and creative activity for teens. A choir accompanied by a band, complemented with dance and drama. A good group to ease through the teenage years.

Regular clubs, hobby groups and teams

YMCA in the Czech Republic offers a wide variety of clubs, hobby groups and teams. There are nearly 250 groups working all year long, and their activities vary according to their location.

Most of the clubs are sports oriented. Volleyball, floorball, soccer, table tennis, rugby and other sports are played at YMCA. YMCA Znojmo’s korfball team is very successful―it regularly takes top positions in competitions of all age categories. At YMCA Pilsen, the European champion of school youth in boxing Viktoria Jílková is training. Various dance groups (tap, Irish and Breton dance, spontaneous and expressive dance) have been highly popular. Other clubs focus on arts, music, foreign languages or breeding. YMCA Liberec specializes in electrical engineering courses.

Summer camps

We have a long tradition of organizing summer camps. YMCA was instrumental in organizing the world’s first camp in 1907 in England. In Czechoslovakia, YMCA founded the Masaryk Camp at the Sázava River in 1921, which it still runs today.

At present, we organize around 80 camps a year. From sports camps through hiking and scouting camps over to camps with a program focused mainly on arts or spirituality. Our counselors are experienced and knowledgeable volunteers who willingly dedicate their time and attention to each camper.

Low-threshold clubs

YMCA’s low-threshold clubs are an open space for children and young people who want to spend their free time in a meaningful way. In addition to being open, “low-threshold” also means being welcoming, safe, and willing to listen and understand. The clubs are open to everyone―from straight-A students to troublemakers.

It is an alternative to organized clubs and hobby groups that provides extra counseling and social support. Visitors to the clubs have the freedom to choose their program. They can play various board games, listen to music, watch films, do their homework or share their worries and joys. The work of the clubs is often followed up by other services (tutoring for children with special needs, prevention programs in schools, summer stays).

Low-threshold services accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs are offered by YMCA Prague and YMCA Ústí nad Labem. Open clubs are run by the YMCA branches in Orlová, Pelhřimov and Husinec.

Family centers and programs for families

YMCA’s maternity and family centers serve mothers and fathers on parental leave for meeting, learning and fun. Children can play together with their peers, and adults can make new friendships and share their experience. The centers offer creative, educational and sports programs. They also have free and open playrooms for children. YMCA currently operates 9 parent and family centers in various cities in the Czech Republic―three in Prague, two in Brno, and others in a number of other regions (Cvikov, Brniště, Jindřichův Hradec, Ústí nad Labem). More information.

The Marriage Encounters program is also dedicated to supporting families and nurturing relationships. This includes programs for married couples, parents with children and whole families. It provides a space for them to share with each other, strengthen relationships, exchange their experience or help in difficult situations. Marriage Encounters is organized by YMCA Setkání, YMCA Ziva rodina (Living Family) and YMCA Familia.

YMCA scouting

YMCA scouting is a program that teaches children and young people about responsibility toward others and the world as well as spiritual or moral values through games, time in nature, shared expeditions and experiences. It aims to fulfill all three sides of the YMCA triangle.

In scout troops, children are divided into smaller groups (patrols) led by young people to whom the children are close in age. The troops meet regularly every week for meetings, and organize joint events within the troop, such as overnight and multi-day expeditions. The highlight of the activities is the summer camp, which is a source of special experiences and friendships that last a lifetime.

Scout troops can be found in Cvikov, Jablonec nad Nisou, Brniště (YMCA North) and in South Moravia in Brno and its surroundings, Prostějov, Břeclav, Kyjov and Podivín (YMCA SCOUT).

Ten Sing

Ten Sing is an international program for teenagers. Together they form an amateur choir, accompanied by a band. Additional activities include, for example, dancing, drama and a mini-choir. The choir meets regularly throughout the year to come up with and rehearse a concert program.

The name Ten Sing is derived from the English Teenagers’ singing. It emphasizes that more important than a flawless singing performance is a group of peers, a space for self-realization and the opportunity to try out what appeals to each of the persons involved. It can be solo singing, drumming, group expressive dance or even prop and set making. There are currently 7 Ten Sing groups in the Czech Republic (2 in Prague, others in Pelhřimov, Vrchlabí, Mělník, Jaroměř and Kolín).

Our international projects

Unify Network

We are members of YMCA Unify Network supporting YMCA Christian Mission projects, camps and conferences.

YMCA Europe

We are members of YMCA Europe Programme Groups (ESG, ETS), and part of many initiatives and projects.


We cooperate with YMCAs in different countries, our main partners are in Bavaria, Slovakia and Westbund.

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